Mental Health and Deafness Lab - Psychology Student Theses

Mental Health and Deafness Lab - Psychology Student Theses

The following Undergraduate Honors Theses have been undertaken by KUC 4th year Psychology Honors students under the supervision of Dr. Cathy Chovaz.  All of this research is related to mental health and deafness:


Monique Rexer

Prevalence of Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children in Ontario. 


 Irene McDowell

Stimming Behaviours Observed in a Deaf Adolescent with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

 Zachary Templeman

Social Dominance in Deaf and Hearing Populations


Andreia Cota

The Monitoring of Environmental Stimuli and Undesired Behaviours of a Deaf Individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Meghan Gardner

Deaf children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder engaging in undesired behaviours


Ben Dantzer

Dantzer, Benjamin W., "An exploration of maternal sensitivity and mind-mindedness in mothers of deaf children" (2014). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 13.

Jessica Sommers

Sommers, Jessica, "The mental health status of deaf and hard of hearing children in the mainstream education system" (2014). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 5.

Krista Nyssen

Nyssen, Krista, "Barriers to care" (2014). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 2.


Katie Hart

Hart, Katie, "A Clinical Trial of an Electronic Monitoring System with a Deaf Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder" (2015). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 22.


Brad Daly

Daly, Brad, "Vicarious Trauma: Effects on Visual Language Interpreters Professional Quality of Life" (2016). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 35.

Link to published work:

Julia Kirkpatrick

Kilpatrick, Julia, "The Effects of Empathy on Vicarious Trauma in the Visual Language Interpreter" (2016). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 37.


Marissa Hall

Hall, Marissa, "The Effects of Vicarious Trauma on Life Satisfaction in Visual Language Interpreters" (2016). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 43.


Jesslyn Taylor

Taylor, Jesslyn, "Translating the Mini-Mental State Exam into American Sign Language:" (2017). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 65.

 Hilary Husted

Husted, Hilary Sara, "The Relationship Between Psychological Well-Being and Successfully Transitioning to University" (2017). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 54.


 Dominica Choristecki

Chorostecki, Dominica Olivia, "The Validity of the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) with Deaf Individuals" (2018). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 74.

Link to Published Work: The Validity Of The Test Of Memory Malingering (TOMM) With Deaf Individuals

Chris Plimmer

Plimmer, Christopher, "Translating the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire into American Sign Language: A pilot study" (2018). Undergraduate Honors Theses. 75.

Link to SDQ website:


Hilary Dagg

Depression and anxiety in Deaf adults

Taylor Seers

Well-being of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

Jasmine Draper

Canadian Sign Language Interpreters’ Well-being Research


Tori Paquette

Secondary Traumatic Stress: The Effects on Deaf Sign Language Interpreters


 Petra Aisenpreis

Challenges Faced and Strategies Employed during COVID-19 by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Faculty and the Impact on Well-being. 

Justin Mulder

Validation and Results of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Youth Self-Report in American Sign Language


 Mackenzie Spoelstra


Language and Love: A Thematic Analysis of the Circle of Security-Parenting (COS-P) Intervention in Hearing Parents of Deaf Children