CDEAF Research

CDEAF Research


Chovaz, C.J.,   Rennison, L.A. &. Chorostecki, D.O. (2021) The validity of the test of memory malingering (TOMM) with deaf individuals, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 35:3, 597-614, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2019.1696408

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Russell, D., Chovaz, C, Boudreault, P. (2021).  (submitted; currently under review). Canadian Justice system: Access for all? Deaf community experience.  Disability Studies Quarterly.

Chovaz, C.J., Russell, D. & Daly, B. (2021). (in press). Lived experiences of Deaf Canadians - What we want you to hear. Canadian Psychology.

Link to Video Research Summary: Lived Experiences of Deaf Canadians


Daly, B., & Chovaz, C. J. (2020). Secondary Traumatic Stress: Effects on the Professional Quality of Life of Sign Language Interpreters. American Annals of the Deaf (Washington, D.C. 1886), 165(3), 353–367.

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 Russell, D., Chovaz, C.J., & Boudreault, P. (2018).  Administration of Justice: The Experiences of Deaf, Deafblind, and Deaf People with Additional Disabilities in Accessing the Justice System.  Canadian Association of the Deaf – Association des Sourds du Canada, Ottawa.

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  Chovaz, C.J. & Plimmer, C. (2018).  Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire – ASL version. Link to Research: Youth in Mind,


Chovaz, C. (2017).  Mental Health Care of Deaf People.  Psynopsis, 39(2), 14-15.Link to research:


Chovaz, C.J. Report of a Deaf Child With Tourette’s Disorder, The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Volume 18, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 360–369,

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Chovaz, C.J. (2013). Intersectionality: Mental Health Interpreters and Mental Health and Deafness, 3(1).Link to research: