Research Articles

Research Articles

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Canada is failing it's Deaf artists

People’s History of Canada: The History of Deaf Communities in Canada

Deaf Culture

Indigenous Sign Languages in Canada

Oneida Sign Language


Deaf Canadians in Academia

Linda Campbell, PhD. - St. Mary's University, Department of Environmental Science

Cathy Chovaz, PhD.  - King's University College at Western University, Department of Psychology

Kristin Snoddon, PhD. - Ryerson University, School of Early Childhood Studies

Joanne C. Weber, PhD. - University of Alberta, Faculty of Education, Educational Psychology Department

Kathryn Woodcock, PhD. -  Ryerson University, School of Occupational and Public Health

Jenelle Rouse, PhD. - Applied Linguistics in Education

Veronique Leduc, PhD. -  Département de communication sociale et publique, Université du Québec à Montréal