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CDEAF recognizes that deaf individuals with mental health issues are a marginalized, under researched and under supported group in Canada. The vision of CDEAF is to create a forum to advance collaborative thoughts, ideas, and strategies within the area of mental health and deafness.

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READ MORE Mental Health Interpreter Training Conference

Mental Health Interpreter Training Conference

Nov 30, 2016The Centre of Deaf Education & Accessibility Forum (CDEAF) invites ASL interpreters interested in mental health interpreting to join us at King’s University College Friday June 2 – 4, 2017 for our second Mental Health Interpreter Training (MHIT).

READ MORE "Mental Health and Deafness"

"Mental Health and Deafness"

Oct 21, 2015Dr. Chovaz has co-authored her first book with Dr. Margaret du Feu, Mental Health and Deafness, which looks at the impact of deafness across the lifespan and serves as a guide for clinicians such as family doctors, social workers, and psychologist.

READ MORE Welcomed in Winnipeg

Welcomed in Winnipeg

Oct 16, 2015On Friday, October 16 The Manitoba School for the Deaf hosted a conference on Mental Health and Deafness.

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