Kings University College - Mental Health and Deafness Lab

Dr. Cathy Chovaz C. Psych.

Associate Professor
Director CDEAF
Dept. of Psychology Kings University College &
Dept. of Psychiatry Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University

  1.  Autism and Deafness: Dr. Chovaz is collaborating with Dr. Ken McIsaac (Western Faculty of Computer Engineering) to better understand the disruptive behaviours often experienced by DHH children with autism. If you are interested, please check out the recruitment ad.
    Research Assistant: Ms. Katelyn Hart B.A.
  2. Visual Language Interpreters and Vicarious Trauma: The purpose of this study is to explore vicarious trauma in visual language interpreters.  There is little research in this area regarding Canadian interpreters and we are interested in contributing to the knowledge base.  Visual language interpreters may be exposed repeatedly to distressing situations in mental health settings without effective ways to debrief.  This may contribute to symptoms of vicarious trauma.

If you are an interpreter and interested in participating in this study, please contact us.

Honours Psychology Thesis students:
Mr. Brad Daly
Ms. Marissa Hall
Ms. Julia Kilpatrick

  1. Mental Health of DHH Children and Youth in Ontario: The objective of this study is to obtain the prevalence rates of mental health disorders of Deaf, deaf, and hard of hearing children in mainstream school settings in Ontario.
    Research Assistant: Ms. Jessica Sommers B.A.