• 21-Oct-2015
  • by Margaret du Feu and Cathy Chovaz

Dr. Chovaz has co-authored her first book with Dr. Margaret du Feu, Mental Health and Deafness, which looks at the impact of deafness across the lifespan and serves as a guide for clinicians such as family doctors, social workers, and psychologist. 

Mental Health and Deafness has received strong reviews. Click the links below to read reviews from the British Journal of Psychiatry and the American Journal of Psychiatry. 

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To read more about our work: Intersectionality: Mental Health Interpreters and Clinicians or Finding the “sweet spot” in therapy

From the Oxford Series of Professional Perspectivces on Deafness: Evidence and Applications. The authors primarily focus on individuals who were born deaf or deafened early in life, but also describe the mental health aspects of acquired deafness and individuals with both deafness and blindness. Mental Health and Deafness begins by describing the historical and social context of deafness, and follows the life journey of a Deaf individual, focusing on parental reactions, language acquisition, and mental health disorders of children,adolescents, adults and the elderly. Chapters cover relevant issues regarding assessment, treatment, and forensic and legal issues. The book concludes with an overview of service development.

More information from Oxford University Press